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Opportunities for Collaboration

We have a proven track record delivering industry-focussed research through MSc and PhD Projects, CASE studentships, joint industry consortium projects and stand-alone research projects. We have a flexible approach to collaboration with industry and would like to speak to companies who are interested in working with us. For further information, please contact Dr Rachael Spraggs, Petroleum Leeds Executive Director.

Joint Industry Projects

Our joint industry projects (JIPs) exploit our research and knowledge transfer expertise and utilise the specialist facilities available in our research laboratories. We are happy to speak to potential new sponsors

New Projects

Current Projects

  • Basin Structure Group (BSG), website live.
  • Bristol University Microseismicity Projects (BUMPS), more information available here.
  • Corrosion and Erosion-Corrosion, more information available here.
  • FAST (Flow Assurance and Scale Team), website live
  • Fault Rock Petrophysics, website live.
  • Fluvial & Eolian Research Group (FRG-ERG), website live, phase 4 proposal available here
  • Improved hydraulic fracture stimulation using FE modelling and microseismic modelling and monitoring (FRACGAS), more information available here.
  • LOBE 2, LOBE 3 proposal available – short version & long version
  • Nanotechnology in Flow Assurance, more information available here.
  • Petrophysics of Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs (PETGAS), website live.
  • Scale formation in oil and gas production, more information available here.
  • Shale Permeability (SHAPE), website live.
  • Shallow-Marine Research Group (SMRG), website live, phase 2 proposal available here
  • Turbidites Research Group (TRG), website live.

Archived Projects

  • Fault Rock Multiphase Flow Properties Project, website requires login.
  • Enhanced integrated seismic-geomechanics for tight-gas reservoirs (GESER), more information available here.
  • Integrated Petroleum Engineering – Geomechanics – Geophysics (IPEGG), website requires login. For more information about this project visit here.