Corrosion and Scale

Corrosion and Scale research at Leeds is industry-driven through collaborative projects to enhance our understanding of the fundamental physics of material degradation mechanisms as well as devising empirical models and material selection guidelines.

Current research themes include:

  • inhibitor function
  • optimisation and selection of materials and chemicals
  • material degradation rates and mechanisms
  • mineral nucleation and crystallization
  • erosion-corrosion
  • top-of-line corrosion
  • under deposit corrosion
  • thermodynamics and kinetics of inorganic scale formation in the bulk phase and on surfaces

For currnet scale projects click here and for corrosion projects click here.

We are part of the Flow Assurance and Scale Team (FAST), which is a group of over 20 academic, research and support staff and research students, based at Heriot-Watt University and the University of Leeds.

We deliver research and consultancy, focusing on the management of oilfield scale. However, we also work on many other topics where brine-rock geochemical interactions are important.