NameTitleEmailAreas of expertise
Dr Richard Barker
Dr Richard BarkerAssociate Professor in Corrosion Science and and CO2 corrosion; Localised/pitting corrosion; Multiphase flow; Corrosion product and mineral scaling kinetics; Corrosion in Carbon Capture and Storage; Erosion and erosion-corrosion of active and passive materials; Matrix acidizing; Corrosion mitigation techniques; Combined computational and experimental methods; Design and development of flow cells/systems capable of real time in-situ analysis.
Dr Alan BurnsAssociate Fluid Dynamics; Multiphase Flow; Turbulence Modelling
Dr Hamish CarrSenior science
Dr Olivier engineering; particle design; heterogeneous polymerisation; encapsulation; interfacial phenomena; emulsions; foams
Dr Thibaut Charpentier
Dr Thibaut CharpentierLecturer of Petroleum scale formation and mitigation techniques in multiphase flow; drag reduction in pipe flow
Professor David DukeProgramme Manager, High Performance Graphics and Games graphics; computer games; functional programming; haskell
Professor John concrete; time-dependent movements including restraint; serviceability; life-span predictions of structures; masonry; restraint and long-term behaviour; seismic design
Dr Rob; crystal nucleation; molecular modelling; molecular dynamics; computational crystallography; crystal structure solution from powders; phase transformations
Dr David HarbottleAssociate Professor of Colloids and Surface and surface science, rheology, emulsions and droplets, asphaltene science, wax inhibition, fluid drag reduction
Dr Ali HassanpourAssociate engineering; chemical and energy engineering; complex systems and processes
Dr Yong HuaResearch
Professor Nik KapurProfessor of Applied Fluid fluid mechanics
Dr Tomasz LiskiewiczAssociate surfaces, surface engineering, tribology, functional coatings, fretting, physical vapour deposition, thin films technology, DLC, diamond-like carbon coatings
Professor Anne Neville
Professor Anne NevilleProfessor of Tribology and Surface and tribo-corrosion; lubrication and wear; mineral scaling; surgical technologies; tribology
Dr Frederick and gas corrosion engineering
Dr Andrew RossAssociate; algal biotechnology; waste management; waste to energy; characterisation and analytical sciences; thermochemical and biological processing of biomass
Professor Roy RuddleProfessor of; human-computer interaction; visual analytics; health informatics; gigapixel displays
Dr Yong ShengAssociate modelling; structural and material engineering; energy and CO2 storage
Siavash SoltanahmadiResearch and triochemistry; tribotesting; lubrication and wear
Dr Rachael Spraggs
Dr Rachael SpraggsPetroleum Leeds, Executive
Dr Wassim TalebResearch dioxide corrosion; iron carbonate film formation
Professor Mi WangProfessor of Process Tomography and Tomography and Sensing
Professor Dongsheng Wen
Professor Dongsheng WenProfessor of Petroleum Engineering
Dr Mark Wilson
Dr Mark WilsonAssociate mechanics; tribology; mathematical modelling; simulation; computational mechanics; multiphase flow; free-surface flows; droplet dynamics; wetting; printing and coating flows; CFD