Geoscience Projects

Current PhD projects span the geoscience disciplines from geophysics and structural geology to sedimentology and petrophysics.

Hussain Al Hashmi

Faulting and fluid flow in carbonate reservoirs: an example from the Qusahwira field, UAE.

Charlotte Allen
Evolution, processes and deposits of high latitude submarine fans

Gabriella Aloida
Gravity and magnetic signatures of different modes of seafloor spreading in the Atlantic: Characterisation of ocean-continent transitions

Mohammed Alsafri

Controls on carbonate geometries and reservoir properties: The Red Sea Rift margin

Bassam Alshammari

Depositonal History of Middle Jurassic Lower Dhruma Sand member, Dhruma Formation, Rub’ Alkhali, Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Alsubhi

Evolution of a volcanic-rich continental rift system: southern Red Sea Rift

Nawaf Al-Wahaibi

Mechanistic study of surfactant-polyer EOR for heavy oil reservoirs

Adriana Crisostomo Figueroa

Predicting stratigraphic trap integrity in deepwater settings

Bonita Barrett-Crosdil
Stratigraphic architecture of shallow-marine systems in syn-rift to post-rift systems

Laura Bührig

A database-informed approach to the construction of quantitative sedimentological facies and source-to-sink models

Junia Casagrande

Controls on the 3D architecture of submarine channel and lobe systems

Andrew Cooke
Impact of faults on fluid flow in Zechstein carbonates

Tim Cullen
Response of density underflows to rift basin floor typography and palaeoenvironmental changes

Isabel de Cala
Dune cross-stratification in turbidite systems

Dorothy Drayton
Impact faults on fluid flow in microbial and hydrothermal carbonates

Andrew Emery
Constraining Holocene coastal response to marine transgression to predict future coastal realignment.

Antonio Fuggi

The Potential for Full Waveform Fracture Inversion

Sergio Gamez Galicia
Restoration of lithosphere and depositional geometries across the rift to drift transition.

Ieva Kaminskaite
Impact of faults on fluid flow in carbonate reservoirs

Siobhan Killingbeck

Subglacial sediment characterisation using geophysical techniques

Jose Montero
Application of quantitative analysis of fluvial sedimentary architecture to improved facies and reservoir modelling workflows.

Daniela Navarro Perez

Improved reservoir characterization and modelling of gas production from Chilean tight sandstone reservoirs

Damjan Ostrelic

Flow transformations and bedform development against intrabasinal slopes: integrating physical experiments and outcrops

Emmanouil Parastatidis 

How do seismic waves respond to fractures in rocks: importance of effective and discrete fractures for risk assessment for deep nuclear waste repositories?

Emma Pearce

Glaciological Applications of Seismic Full Waveform Inversion (FWI): Insight From a Novel Approach

Ana Reyna Flores

Predicting the reservoir properties of tight gas sandstones using data mining and machine learning

Ulises Rodriguez Del Angel

Prediction of subseismic fracturing and fracturing in carbonate rocks: The mesozoic of the Southern Gulf of Mexico

Hardianshah Saleh
Valhall Seismic Geomechanics: Case study of time-lapse and microseismic prediction from coupled flow-geomechanical models.

Peidong Shi

Microseismic full waveform modeling and location

David Somerville
Fluvial-lacustrine system to rift- and intermontane-basin evolution: quantitative models and sedimentary architecture.

Roxana Stanca
Evolution of a micro-continent during continental break-up: re-evaluating the Falklands Plateau

Daniel Tek
Autogenic versus allogenic controls on deep-sea channel evolution.

Ru Wang
Allogenic and autogenic controls on fluvial system development, accumulation and preservation

Ezekiel Yenne

Integrating gravity and magnetic data with remote sensing in structural modelling of Benue Trough (middle and Lower) of Nigeria