An architectural database for shale gas plays

Dr Nigel Mountney & Dr Piroska Lorinczi
This project aims to design, develop and populate a relational database for the quantitative characterization of the sedimentary architecture present in shale-prone fluvial floodplain reservoir successions so enable more effective modelling of heterogeneity in unconventional reservoirs including shale gas plays and potentially coal seam gas plays.

Carbonate Platform Shutdown and the Rise of Black Shale Giants

Prof. Paul Wignall, Prof. Simon Poulton and Dr Rob Newton
This project will focus on the environmental changes responsible for the carbonate-to-black shale transition using state-of-the-art approaches to determine water column oxygenation, including sedimentary logging, sedimentary petrography and the latest geochemical techniques to assess both redox and primary productivity.

The permeability of shale gas reservoirs

Prof. Quentin Fisher, Dr Carlos Grattoni, Prof. Daniel Lesnic & Dr Piroska Lorinczi
The project aims to review the accuracy of current methods to measure shale permeability and develop new analytical techniques. Particular attention will be paid to inverting the results to obtain information on permeability and diffusion constants, as well as identifying methods to incorporate the results in production simulation models.