Gas Flaring

Title: Structure of Jet Flames

Supervisor(s): Prof Derek Bradley, Dr Malcolm Lawes, Professor Adriana Palacios Rosas (Puebla University), Mexico. This is based on an existing collaboration with Mexico that is financed by the Royal Society and has run for four years.

Project summary: Fundamental Modelling and experimental studies of Jet Flames

Tasks and expected milestones/deliverables: This includes design of furnace flames and flaring of gases, the latter relevant to fracking. This is an international project with experiments in Barcelona and Hefei, China, and computer modelling collaborations with the Daresbury Computing Centre. The flare experimental studies cover pollutants caused by cross winds, and employ the Hefei wind tunnel. Different fuels and burner configurations are studied. Ranges of Reynolds numbers are huge and cover hydrogen venting from nuclear reactors and micro jet leakages from piping.

Background of student required: Both abilities in mathematical modelling and experiments are relevant. A year away for PhD experience is favoured by many Mexican Universities. This particular project area is well suited to a mathematical modeller.