Engineering Projects

Current research focuses on oilfield corrosion, corrosion-erosion, scale management and multiphase flow.

Mohamed Abdulla Saeed Bin Qasim Alhebsi     

Localised corrosion of corrosion resistant alloys in sweet and sour conditions

Harry Edward Bullock

Metal corrosion mechanisms in molten salts used in concentrated solar power systems

Mariana Costa Folena

Shell UFRJ student

Alagbalawura Eniola Fujah-Sanni            

Mechanisms of oilfield scaling

Yajing Gong

The development of a semi-deterministic wear model for nitrided surfaces

Yasmin Hayatgheib

Preventing degradation of chemical inhibitors used for scale management in oil and gas application

Robert Anthony Jacklin

Advanced autoclaves for high temperature high pressure corrosion assessment

Daniel Carwyn Jones

Innovative and biometric strategies for water-in-diesel emulsion separation

William Alexander Keogh

Mechanisms and prevention of lead sulphide (PbS) scale deposition in multiphase systems

Aran Mustafa Kheyat    

Corrosion scales in CO2 conditions in oil and gas

Roseanne Louise Lawton

In-situ engine oil quality improvement

Anastasija Lazareva       

Iron carbonate film and pitting corrosion on carbon steel in CO2 saturated environment

Huifeng Liu

UPC student

Qingyang Liu

The role of hydrogen in the degradation of stainless steels

Wenlong Ma    

UPC student

Michael Raymond McDermott

Mechanisms of drag reduction in turbulent viscoelastic crude-oil pipe flow via high molecular weight polymer additives

Kabir Abiodun Raheem

Calcium carbonate scale precipitation kinetics on stainless steel surface

Alexander Saul

CO2 corrosion product SLIPS for oilfield scale mitigation

Dlshad Mohammed Shaikhah   

Sweet corrosion product augmentation

Amir Shamsa

Inhibition of high temperature CO2 corrosion

Blake John Thornley

Corrosion behaviour of artificial joints

Cailin Wang      

UPC student

Hai Wang           

UPC student

Jialin Wang       

UPC student

Leon Wechie    

Tribological performance of boundary lubricated nitrided and EN31 steel

Zezhou Wen

Corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in high alloy materials